Wednesday, June 6, 2012

project dream house week 14 :)

we're finally beginning to see the outcome of our obsessions with paint color and tiles the past few weeks.:) the house is now really taking the form that we've been dreaming of. although we had to cut back on some stuff and opted for the more practical options.:) but we're very happy with the outcome, nonetheless. just a few more weeks to go!:)

week 14 progress:

the exterior walls have been painted with the final color; wall tiles were installed.:) we opted for the natural stone since it's extremely cost-effective than the manufactured oneswe've also learned that natural stones could exist for a very long time without significant deterioration. maintenance is also very minimal.:)

ceiling installed :) 

mr. grumpy's garage/function room. :D 

 the kuyas working on the cove ceiling :)

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