Saturday, May 26, 2012

project dream house week 13

dream house finally has a roof!:) yeeeey!:) now the workers can really start to prettify the interior. we have also finally decided on the paint color for each part of the house. this is it! it's really, really taking its pretty shape! heee!:) next week will be tile and stoneworks installation week. can't wait for that!:)

week 13 progress:

it's looking pretty already :)

by end of week 13, roof installation was completed 

paint colors finalized :)

the little boy's site inspection ;)

project dream house week 12 :)

three months into the project and our dream house is ready to be prettified.:)  the workers have started installing the gutters and the roof. all of the exterior and interior walls have been painted white and are now ready for the final paint color. 

the week has been very busy for mr. grumpy and i. we didn't expect that tile shopping could be very tiring and confusing. i'm just really glad that our tile dilemma is now over, though we still have a lot of homework to do.:)

week 12 progress:

gutters and roof partially installed :)

interior walls have been painted white; door frames installed 

mr. grumpy's garage walls have been plastered

main entrance walls are now ready to be prettified :)

moldings for the "belt" around the house are done

we now have our bakod :)

the fearless manong installing a gutter

Friday, May 11, 2012

project dream house week 11 :)

it seems like the there's no stopping the progress of our project dream house.:) even the rains didn't slow the workers down. our contractor told me that they might finish everything by july and the turnover will probably be on the third week of the said month. yeeeeey!:) seriously excited and overwhelmed at the same time. 
everything still feels so surreal.:) mr. grumpy truly deserves a big pat on the back, a huge kiss and the tightest hug for working so hard for us to have our dream home (is it too soon for my drama speech? heehee!). and of course, none of these would've been possible without the blessings from the big boss up high. all praise and glory to you, big boss!:)

week 11 progress:

all sides of the exterior of the house has been plastered (except the back part; not shown in the photos). they've also started painting it.:)

porch and main door:)

 daddy grumpy's massive garage

garage window size were adjusted
ceiling grids in the dining room area

i shall paint you very light lime green ;)

daddy grumpy, that'll be the area for the sink, range top and oven

wall discussions concluded: window size and wall size were adjusted :)

living room's roomy feel :)

high ceiling for a roomy feel

our small bodega kinda looks spooky at the moment. it needs a happy color for it to become spook-proof ;)

let's go upstairs...:) metal grids for the stairway ceiling have been installed

master's bedroom

bedroom A

view from the family room

family room: you shall be turquoise :)

 metal grids for the ceiling on the second floor are almost complete

as per our contractor, the perimeter fence shall be up by next week

the only wall that's not plastered yet :)

only a week has passed since i last saw the house and tons of changes/progress already happened. i bet i'll be happily overwhelmed again next week. but as much as i would very much like to move in to our new home, i wouldn't wish for july to come fast yet. i'd still have to make sense of my grad collection first, then i'll wish for july.;)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

diet diary: GM diet day 2

Day 2: All vegetables. You are encouraged to eat until you are stuffed with all the raw or cooked vegetables of your choice. There is no limit on the amount or type. For your complex carbohydrate, you will start day two with a large baked potato for breakfast. You may top the potato with one pat of butter.

Day 2 Actual:
Monday, May 7

i woke up not feeling so hungry so i thought day 2 will probably be easier to survive than day 1.:) on day 2 i shall be a goat munching on greens!:) here's what i had:

breakfast: 1/2 large boiled kamote (or sweet potato) + a few glasses of water + green tea (because i'm not really fond of potatoes)
AM snack: none
lunch: sautéed upo with tuna (again, not allowed. i'm such a cheater when it comes to dieting!) + green tea and a few glasses of water
pm snack: veggie salad (cucumber + lettuce) with 2 tbsp. of a 99% fat-free salad dressing + water
dinner: steamed veggies (broccoli, carrots, green pepper, young corn and asparagus) with a tsp. of butter + 3 spam slices and 1 small fried chicken (ultimate pasawaaaay!!!) + water
midnight snack: cucumber with the fat-free salad dressing + water

i'm such a cheat when it comes to dieting.:( i realized that i seriously could not survive a day without meat! but i'm very happy to know that i did not die without having rice for two days (and counting). haha!:) but overall, day 2 felt waaaaaay better than day 1. it was easier to cope this time without my usual carbs intake. i did not feel light headed at all as i followed the "eat until you're full" rule.

my weight the next morning was at 130.8lbs; 2.4 lbs. lost since i started the program. day 3 will be fruits + veggies day (except bananas and potatoes), i will really try to avoid meat tomorrow. promise!:) i shall surpass these tiis ganda days! whew!

diet diary: my GM diet experiment (day 1)

Dieting for most people, including me, is never easy. to me, it always means giving up a number of goodie foods i love and depriving myself of the pleasure of enjoying a meal (a hefty meal, that is!). although i did manage to survive a diet before. it was around eight months after giving birth to my boy; i used herbalife's  shake and lost about 15 lbs after 2 months into the program. i managed to keep the weight off for more than a year but eventually went back to my old lamon days. ang saya kasi talaga kumain!:)

i'm not really overweight or obese but my old jeans no longer fit me and i refuse to buy new ones!:) also, i always feel sluggish and lousy even if i get enough sleep. i would very much like to feel healthy again. from 124lbs after my diet in 2010, i am now at 133.2lbs.! and for some reason, i couldn't seem to go back to my herbalife diet. i just find it so hard to start it over again, so i explored other options just to put me back on the proper eating mode once more. 

my friend told me about her coworkers' GM diet escapades and i immediately researched on it.:) it's basically a 7-day diet program wherein you are restricted to eat certain foods on a certain day and you are to lose 10-17 lbs in a week. and you may repeat the whole process after 2 weeks until you achieve your ideal weight. i figured, it's just 7 days of self deprivation so i could probably do it.:D you can read more about the gm diet here and here

after much research, i decided to start my GM diet last Sunday, may 6 *which was a very bad idea kasi umuulan ng pagkain sa bahay pag sunday!:(*. i figured it'll be a lot easier to go on a diet now since mr. grumpy's away on a training. it's always extra fun to eat when he's around. heehee!:)

Day 1:  All fruits except bananas. Your first day will consist of all the fruits you want. It is strongly suggested that you consume lots of melons the first day. Especially watermelon and a loupe. If you limit your fruit consumption to melons, your chances of losing three lbs. on first day are very good.

Day 1 Actual:
it says that i could have unlimited servings of fruits on this day and that i did (and some cheats. baaad! hehe!)! here's my gm diet diary for day 1:

breakfast: melon + raw papaya + a few glasses of water
AM snack: mango + green tea and a few glasses of water
lunch: kiwi + 1/2 ripe mango + grapes + water melon + orange and a few glasses of water
pm snack: water + herbalife shake (technically not allowed but i had what it seemed like a hyperacidity attack so i calmed my tummy down with the shake)
dinner: grapes + mango + lots of water + a few cheats (i had a few, as in very few strips of!)

day 1 was really a struggle for me. i think i had fruits that are very acidic which explains the hyperacidity. well, at least now i know. and i was feeling very light headed the whole time. it's also my first time not having rice, ever! i honestly thought that i will not survive the day! when i weighed myself the next morning i was at 131.4 lbs. that's 1.8lbs lost from my 133.2 glory!:D yeeeey motivation!;)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

daddy grumpy's vintage car craze

daddy grumpy has been obsessed with cars ever since the day i met him. recently though, he has been amused by vintage cars and has been itching to restore one himself. so, in his attempt to satisfy his insatiable penchant for vintage cars, he bought himself a "toyo pet". a 1960's toyota pet car, which kinda resembles mr. bean's green cute car.:) we're excited about his restoration project.:) but such projects require special time and attention and it's quite expensive too. so dear pet would have to wait for it's full blown makeover.:) butingting mode na lang muna si daddy grumpy for now.:)

project dream house week 10 :)

two and a half months down and three and a half more to go! if the heavy rains won't delay the construction, that is.:) good thing the daily downpour has a schedule. if you noticed since friday (may 4, 2012), it rains every afternoon, usually around 3pm. it's usually sunny and humid in the morning so i guess kaya parin naman?:) *fingers crossed*

the photos i have for week 10 were taken on a thursday, i didn't get to take photos last friday when we drove by because of the downpour and didn't get to go back on saturday because mr. grumpy already left for his training.:( but we sure did notice significant changes on the exterior of the house.:) nakapalitada na the whole exterior of the second floor.

i can't wait to see the updates for week 11! we saw from the outside last friday that the whole interior of the second floor was already painted white. i bet by friday this coming week super dami ng changes. will have to go to the site by myself though.:( two weeks, hurry up already! i want my mr. grumpy back!

week 10 progress:

when we drove by last friday, the whole second floor exterior was already plastered. this photo was taken on a thursday.:)

they've started plastering the ground floor exterior walls

metal grids for the ceiling of the dining room and kitchen :)

mr. grumpy seems pleased with what he's seeing.:) 

electric wires have been installed

the hallway looks bright and happy now with the white paint;)

ate tata's room: plastered and ready for a door.:)

manong pintor and kuya electrician working hard

stairway walls have been painted white

stairway wall for family photos :)

a little bodega for our stuff :)

the family room overlooking the living room downstairs

front facade plastered

metal grids for the ceiling of the second floor bedrooms are installed :)

it's still a little messy on the second floor. i think they'll be working on these doors next

 the wall discussions: how to adjust the walls and the windows to fit mr. grumpy's pangarap tv ;)

i'm really looking forward to my week 11 visit. i'm pretty sure that there'll be a lot of exciting changes to the house by then. excited to report to my mr. grumpy too! hee!:)