Sunday, May 6, 2012

project dream house week 10 :)

two and a half months down and three and a half more to go! if the heavy rains won't delay the construction, that is.:) good thing the daily downpour has a schedule. if you noticed since friday (may 4, 2012), it rains every afternoon, usually around 3pm. it's usually sunny and humid in the morning so i guess kaya parin naman?:) *fingers crossed*

the photos i have for week 10 were taken on a thursday, i didn't get to take photos last friday when we drove by because of the downpour and didn't get to go back on saturday because mr. grumpy already left for his training.:( but we sure did notice significant changes on the exterior of the house.:) nakapalitada na the whole exterior of the second floor.

i can't wait to see the updates for week 11! we saw from the outside last friday that the whole interior of the second floor was already painted white. i bet by friday this coming week super dami ng changes. will have to go to the site by myself though.:( two weeks, hurry up already! i want my mr. grumpy back!

week 10 progress:

when we drove by last friday, the whole second floor exterior was already plastered. this photo was taken on a thursday.:)

they've started plastering the ground floor exterior walls

metal grids for the ceiling of the dining room and kitchen :)

mr. grumpy seems pleased with what he's seeing.:) 

electric wires have been installed

the hallway looks bright and happy now with the white paint;)

ate tata's room: plastered and ready for a door.:)

manong pintor and kuya electrician working hard

stairway walls have been painted white

stairway wall for family photos :)

a little bodega for our stuff :)

the family room overlooking the living room downstairs

front facade plastered

metal grids for the ceiling of the second floor bedrooms are installed :)

it's still a little messy on the second floor. i think they'll be working on these doors next

 the wall discussions: how to adjust the walls and the windows to fit mr. grumpy's pangarap tv ;)

i'm really looking forward to my week 11 visit. i'm pretty sure that there'll be a lot of exciting changes to the house by then. excited to report to my mr. grumpy too! hee!:)


  1. Joycie! Ang bilis ng construction! Super lapit na nyan parang pwede na kayong lumipat soon ah!:) Naeexcite na ko for you :))


    1. hi mauve!:) nakakaoverwhelm nga super!:) i'm soooo excited na! heehee!:)