Saturday, May 26, 2012

project dream house week 12 :)

three months into the project and our dream house is ready to be prettified.:)  the workers have started installing the gutters and the roof. all of the exterior and interior walls have been painted white and are now ready for the final paint color. 

the week has been very busy for mr. grumpy and i. we didn't expect that tile shopping could be very tiring and confusing. i'm just really glad that our tile dilemma is now over, though we still have a lot of homework to do.:)

week 12 progress:

gutters and roof partially installed :)

interior walls have been painted white; door frames installed 

mr. grumpy's garage walls have been plastered

main entrance walls are now ready to be prettified :)

moldings for the "belt" around the house are done

we now have our bakod :)

the fearless manong installing a gutter

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