Tuesday, May 1, 2012

project dream house week 9 :)

the week has been both extra fun and stressful (pocket-wise) for us.:) we've made a lot of decisions for the house and a number of major purchases too (pocket says ouch! again). we wanted so many things for our dream house so mr. grumpy and i did some serious accounting part 3 (or more aptly called a "reality check")  to keep us on track with our budget.:) at least now we know the things that we can have for the house and the many, many things that we should let go.:) dear excel, you really are a big help!:)

the house now has trusses for the roof framing, the interior and parts of the exterior walls are now plastered and some of it are painted with first coat. super bilis ng progress that we could hardly keep up! i had to ask our contractor to give us a timeline for things that we need to provide them with, otherwise, we might end up panic buying.heehee!:D he gave us the option to supply some of the materials, which is a plus for us since we could look for materials that fit our aesthetics and most of all, our budget.:)

photos of the week 9 progress:

trusses for the roof framing :)

before entering the site, one should always watch out for flying debris.;) mommy would definitely say "sayang yung kahoy!" when she'll see this!;)

the stairway on our first week 9 visit.

a few days after, it looks like this! the window size has been adjusted to its biggest.:) yaaay natural light!

the pathway on our first week 9 visit...

on our second visit, it has first coat na :)

the living room area has been cleared of the wooden frames

pretty soon, we'll finally have roof over our heads ;)

metal grids for the ceiling. the guestroom/studio/mommy's room has been painted with first coat

door frames(?!?) installed :)

family room

the kitchen...

and dining room areas looked like this on our first week 9 visit

a few days later, it has paint na and ate tata's door frames are ready.

on our second week 9 visit at around 4pm, kuya manong started painting the dining room walls

at 5pm on that same day, he finished the whole area :)

kamot ulo sa dining table?:)

no significant changes on daddy grumpy's garage yet :)

the workers have started digging for the perimeter fence

the electrician has started his work on the front part of the house

the palitada boys :)

hooray windows! :)

again, hooray windows!;)

it's looking more and more like a house now :D

my weekly update is never complete without my side kwento. the funny things i randomly capture with my camera. heehee!:)

one step, two step! the backsweep boys!  hahaha!:)

uhm, what are we looking at?

part of week 9 was picking and buying some stuff for the house. we're also after the sale! most of the items we checked out had price increase on May 1 which was why we had to decide fast! who knew that choosing the "perfect" water closet was such a dilemma! that's probably why mr. grumpy was having profound discussions with the water closet. haha!:)

daddy grumpy's treat for the very hardworking workers :)

the healthy sitaw and ang humahabol na alugbati :) 

when bored, talk to a tree! hehe!:)

i shall end my week 9 update with mr. grumpy's hair flip! hahaha!:)


  1. ambilis bilis bilis!!! nice the sala open hanggang roof na noh? yan yung sinasabi ko kina mamang ayaw nila...

    we'll be starting small renovations na din dito this month

  2. yeeeey!:) high ceiling nga yung living room para super maaliwalas ang feel.:) aayusin nyo na yung sala or yung master's bedrom muna?