Friday, September 21, 2012

Fashionably Guilty

Fashionably Guilty: Fashion Institute of the Philippines Graduation Show 2012
August 30, 2012
Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila

Top 3 Designers
(pre-judging photos courtesy of Al Destacamento and runway photos courtesy of Paul Cortes)

First Place Winners: Joy Chicano and Emir Yamamoto

Designer: Joy Chicano 
FADAL Awardee

Designer: Emir Yamamoto

Second Place Winner: Adrian Sahagun

Third Place Winner: Brian Peralta
Best in Garment Construction Awardee

The rest of the Top 10 (in no particular order)

Designer: Glacy Ricablanca
Best in Fashion Illustration Awardee


Designer: Jinggay Serag
Best in Techniques Awardee

Designer: Jiezl Sunga

Designer: Geno Velasco

Designer: Gareth Ampil 

Designer: Love Sioco

Designer: Drei Soriano

Featuring: The FIP QC designers and their designs :)

Designer: Joyce de Guzman (that's meeeeeh!:D)

Designer: Aia Saturnino

Designer: Lesley Nubla

Designer: Jackie Clemente

Designer: Kristia de Leon

Designer: Tessa Leann

Designer: Glacy Ricablanca

Designer: Jinggay Serag

Designer: Connie Ancheta

Thursday, September 20, 2012

fun lights = fun house

since we started project dream house, it has been my goal to have fun and unusual lights in the house. good thing my serious, no nonsense mr. grumpy went along for the ride... ;)

ginormous light bulb in my workroom.:) so light bulb moments will keep on comin'! haha!:)

helicopter light for my little man. since he's obsessed with any form of transportation. i initially wanted to get him the cute motorcycle light but daddy grumpy strongly opposed it. he doesn't want our little boy riding motorcycles.:)

daddy grumpy's office light.:)

my jupiter(?!) light. heehee!:)

half of the DNA helix right there.:)

my little man loooves his helicopter light!:)

even mr. grumpy loves my light. parang pang interrogation room daw my ginormous light bulb. :D

Monday, September 17, 2012

my dainty darling frou-frou

It's been a whirlwind August for me (hence the very late post)...project dream house was completed and I finally graduated from my fashion courses. yeeeey! graduation part 2!;)

Being a graduate of a fashion school and being able to come up with designs that my friends appreciate still sometimes seems funny and surreal to me. My primary intention of why I enrolled in FIP was that I just wanted to learn how to make my own clothes and probably start a small "work-from-home" business by designing and selling nursing (breastfeeding) clothes online.:) But now I'm actually having fun exploring different techniques in pattern making. My sewing skills(?!) still needs to improve though (thank God for super sewers!).:) 

Finally, the conclusion of the stressful but mostly fun FIP school year; August 30 was a big night for the 33 graduates of Fashion Institute of the Philippines. We each showcased our four-piece collection in the Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila. It was both an exciting and stressful night and I was just really happy that I finished my collection in time for the show!:) 

Here's my "dainty darling frou frou". my first fashion babies :)

Inspiration: nursery rhymes and vintage silhouettes 

thanks to models reina, jennifer, shermaine and gwyneth for making my clothes look great :)

i played with pleats, layers and embroidery :)  *photo courtesy of Paul Cortes*

my peplum diva :) *photo courtesy of Paul Cortes*

the girly magician :) *photo courtesy of Leo San Diego*

my whimsical librarian :) multi-layered embroidered skirt *photo courtesy of Paul Cortes photography*

eight of the 33 graduates *that's me on the far right!;)*

me and my muse reina :) *photo courtesy of Bong Tan and grabbed from*

 I'll be posting photos of the top 10 designers and their designs soon.;)