Thursday, September 20, 2012

fun lights = fun house

since we started project dream house, it has been my goal to have fun and unusual lights in the house. good thing my serious, no nonsense mr. grumpy went along for the ride... ;)

ginormous light bulb in my workroom.:) so light bulb moments will keep on comin'! haha!:)

helicopter light for my little man. since he's obsessed with any form of transportation. i initially wanted to get him the cute motorcycle light but daddy grumpy strongly opposed it. he doesn't want our little boy riding motorcycles.:)

daddy grumpy's office light.:)

my jupiter(?!) light. heehee!:)

half of the DNA helix right there.:)

my little man loooves his helicopter light!:)

even mr. grumpy loves my light. parang pang interrogation room daw my ginormous light bulb. :D

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