Monday, September 17, 2012

my dainty darling frou-frou

It's been a whirlwind August for me (hence the very late post)...project dream house was completed and I finally graduated from my fashion courses. yeeeey! graduation part 2!;)

Being a graduate of a fashion school and being able to come up with designs that my friends appreciate still sometimes seems funny and surreal to me. My primary intention of why I enrolled in FIP was that I just wanted to learn how to make my own clothes and probably start a small "work-from-home" business by designing and selling nursing (breastfeeding) clothes online.:) But now I'm actually having fun exploring different techniques in pattern making. My sewing skills(?!) still needs to improve though (thank God for super sewers!).:) 

Finally, the conclusion of the stressful but mostly fun FIP school year; August 30 was a big night for the 33 graduates of Fashion Institute of the Philippines. We each showcased our four-piece collection in the Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila. It was both an exciting and stressful night and I was just really happy that I finished my collection in time for the show!:) 

Here's my "dainty darling frou frou". my first fashion babies :)

Inspiration: nursery rhymes and vintage silhouettes 

thanks to models reina, jennifer, shermaine and gwyneth for making my clothes look great :)

i played with pleats, layers and embroidery :)  *photo courtesy of Paul Cortes*

my peplum diva :) *photo courtesy of Paul Cortes*

the girly magician :) *photo courtesy of Leo San Diego*

my whimsical librarian :) multi-layered embroidered skirt *photo courtesy of Paul Cortes photography*

eight of the 33 graduates *that's me on the far right!;)*

me and my muse reina :) *photo courtesy of Bong Tan and grabbed from*

 I'll be posting photos of the top 10 designers and their designs soon.;)


  1. Wow congratulations to your graduation! Do you have your own dress shoppe? It would be nice if you'd be able to put these on display.

    1. thanks yuri!:) i don't have a shoppe yet. i would probably be working from home and will open an online store (since that's my original plan).:)

  2. If i'm not mistaken you're a mom too? How did you do that? school and being a mom? Inspire me! <3

    1. hi patricia!:) yep i'm a proud (stage)mom. haha!:) it wasn't that hard doing school and mommyhood at the same time as i was fully supported by my husband and our very reliable ate tata.:) as long as you love and enjoy what you do, everything seems to be easy na lang.:)