Friday, May 11, 2012

project dream house week 11 :)

it seems like the there's no stopping the progress of our project dream house.:) even the rains didn't slow the workers down. our contractor told me that they might finish everything by july and the turnover will probably be on the third week of the said month. yeeeeey!:) seriously excited and overwhelmed at the same time. 
everything still feels so surreal.:) mr. grumpy truly deserves a big pat on the back, a huge kiss and the tightest hug for working so hard for us to have our dream home (is it too soon for my drama speech? heehee!). and of course, none of these would've been possible without the blessings from the big boss up high. all praise and glory to you, big boss!:)

week 11 progress:

all sides of the exterior of the house has been plastered (except the back part; not shown in the photos). they've also started painting it.:)

porch and main door:)

 daddy grumpy's massive garage

garage window size were adjusted
ceiling grids in the dining room area

i shall paint you very light lime green ;)

daddy grumpy, that'll be the area for the sink, range top and oven

wall discussions concluded: window size and wall size were adjusted :)

living room's roomy feel :)

high ceiling for a roomy feel

our small bodega kinda looks spooky at the moment. it needs a happy color for it to become spook-proof ;)

let's go upstairs...:) metal grids for the stairway ceiling have been installed

master's bedroom

bedroom A

view from the family room

family room: you shall be turquoise :)

 metal grids for the ceiling on the second floor are almost complete

as per our contractor, the perimeter fence shall be up by next week

the only wall that's not plastered yet :)

only a week has passed since i last saw the house and tons of changes/progress already happened. i bet i'll be happily overwhelmed again next week. but as much as i would very much like to move in to our new home, i wouldn't wish for july to come fast yet. i'd still have to make sense of my grad collection first, then i'll wish for july.;)

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