Saturday, May 5, 2012

color splishity splash :)

i have been obsessing on color palettes for each corner of our future home ever since our contractor gave us a deadline. initially, i thought i just wanted one color scheme for all the major areas of the house (living room, family room, dining room and kitchen) and will just play with bright hues in the bedrooms and knick knacks. we initially decided to use off white or the lightest of creams and integrate some black or dark brown furnishings. 

then i thought it would be too boring and too blah, so i've decided to explore the possibilities of infusing bright and vivid but a little subdued(?!heehee), happy hues in our kitchen, dining and family room.:) all i have to do now is sell the idea to mr. grumpy who, until now, is not really up for it. heehee!:) 

i want colors that are homey, tranquil, relaxing yet exude a happy vibe. hues that will make one say "weeeeeh! color!" and not "eeeeeeew! COLOOOOR!". 

although we've decided to have neutral colors for our living room since it's the first area of the house that the guests will see. for us, neutral colors translate into a welcome-y, relaxing and homey atmosphere. and most people love neutrals. i am yet to meet someone who's put off by the color.:) i'll just probably infuse a few brightly colored knick knacks to add some splash in the living room.:)

our "safe" color choice:) i'm also a sucker for neutral tones but sometimes, you just gotta have color!:)

citrusy fresh!:) lime green just makes me happy!:p
 i want this color palette for our dining room and kitchen. a combo of very light yet vivid lime green and crisp white for the walls; chocolate brown for the tables and cabinets and black knick knacks.:) lime green is so pretty! it's daring yet gentle and i love it! i just hope mr. grumpy will learn to love it too!;)

i've always wanted a beach-themed room or area in our future home.:) therefore, turquoise is a must!:) like lime green, the color is just so calming and relaxing. would love to have it on our family room wall. i would just add some cute red things to decorate it with. another idea that i have to sell to my beloved mr. grumpy. heehee!;) he's worried that the color might just be too loud.

the knick knacks that i would very much love to have!:) i'm also a sucker for shabby chic thingsies. i like distressed anything but will just probably stick to a distressed white mirror frame for our dining room. love, loove the vintage look!

i'm also enthralled by the idea of having chic bird cages for drop lights or tear drop-ish hanging lamps.:)  i'm trying to marry vintage and modern designs. i think it should work. would love to have some quirkiness in our home. if you'll see structured and serious stuff in our house, those things would represent mr. grumpy's personality. mine would be the colors and the quirky, girly little things.;)

i'm really looking forward to seeing these ideas realized. i'm a bit worried though because i'm not really pro at decorating. sana lang wag maging chopseuy of things ang modest home ni mr. grumpy or else i'm screwed!;)


  1. love your color choices :) super fresh tingnan :) and super nakakarelax. hehehehe :D

  2. hi rhea!:) thanks! i hope it'll work out though. really hoping that we'll get the exact colors that we want.:)