Sunday, May 6, 2012

daddy grumpy's vintage car craze

daddy grumpy has been obsessed with cars ever since the day i met him. recently though, he has been amused by vintage cars and has been itching to restore one himself. so, in his attempt to satisfy his insatiable penchant for vintage cars, he bought himself a "toyo pet". a 1960's toyota pet car, which kinda resembles mr. bean's green cute car.:) we're excited about his restoration project.:) but such projects require special time and attention and it's quite expensive too. so dear pet would have to wait for it's full blown makeover.:) butingting mode na lang muna si daddy grumpy for now.:)


  1. wow! cant wait to see the final look of this car :) I also love vintage-y things :)

    1. me too! haha!:) but project restoration would have to wait. maybe late this year toyopet will get a makeover.:)