Sunday, February 26, 2012

a restless mom no more :)

After seven months in fashion school, I can now finally make my own clothes!:) I'm still experimenting on the pattern making techniques I've learned from school and I must say that I'm miles away from being an excellent sewer. Ang daming "chismis" ng tahi ko ;). But I'm getting there! I shall never give up until I perfect my sewing skills. I don't have photos of all the clothes I've sewn yet (must train husby to take my pictures! LOL) but I will post them soon.

I'm just really glad that I finally found something (aside from motherhood) that I am truly passionate about. I enjoy every minute spent drafting patterns and sewing the garments. But I still couldn't call myself a designer yet, I'm more of a "modista" at the moment. heehee!:) I'm just happily exploring the endless possibilities a basic pattern can present.:) I'm such a busy mom now (*wink!, wink!*)!

one of our haute couture projects--draping by slashing :)


  1. buti naman at ngblog ka na ulit... bilhan mo ng remote at tripod ang dslr mo para kahit sariling kayod na lang... hehehehehehe

    1. may tripod na. remote na lang kulang. hehehe! :)