Sunday, February 26, 2012

project dreamhouse week 2 :)

we're on week two of our project dreamhouse.:) and in my opinion medyo nagmamaterialize na sya. haha!:) our contractors are trying to finish all the dirty work before the rainy season kaya super extra bilis ng progress.:) So disappointed lang that i didn't get to document the padugo part 2 (this time they sacrificed a kambing, which i think later became a papaitan...heehee!) and when they threw in coins in each wall footings before they poured in cement. Since we started with the construction I suddenly became particularly interested in these pamahiin practices. I'm both curious and amused by it.:)

Our contractor just tells us what pamahiin is applicable on the next construction phase. Mr. Grumpy and I are absolutely clueless about these things. hehe! We somehow chose not to believe na lang especially to the ones that make us paranoid. But we do practice some (e.g. the coins thingy) upon the advice of our contractor, especially if it's not too cumbersome.:)

week 2 progress:

even though it was a rainy monday, tuloy parin ang trabaho. they surely didn't waste any time :)

wall footings :)

hard working workers pero kuya still managed a pose ah!

that's my future kitchen right there :)

happy with the progress mr. grumpy? :)

kitchen and dining area :) *kilig!*

that's going to be our living room :)

mr. grumpy's garage.

inspect, inspect :)

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