Thursday, March 8, 2012

project dreamhouse week 3

we're still waaaaay too far from the "which tiles to pick and what paint color to use" stage but the house is slowly (but quite surely) materializing.:) in fact, ang bilis talaga magtrabaho ni engr. makimkim, our contractor.:) And of course thanks to mr. golden sun who's been very cooperative the past few weeks. 

Yesterday we were already discussing which wall to mount the tv on, where to put the couch, etc.;) Excited much? haha!:) We seriously can't wait to move in to our modest dream house. Counting the days (well, at this point, counting the months...;)).

week 3 progress:

c/o our contractor engr. marvin makimkim

daddy grumpy and grumpy junior inspecting the site from afar (safety first) ;) 

barely there yet. :)
our future living room :)

daddy grumpy trying to imagine how it's gonna look like. ang hirap kasi mag imagine with all the debris


the two houses behind us are for sale. would you like to be our neighbor? ;) bagong gising lang si bulilit kaya naging grumpy junior ;)

day after our first 3rd week visit, ganito na sya.:) ang bilis!:)

mr. grumpy, what's on your mind?

excellent balancing skills manong!:)

working on the second floor

the poor workers are exposed to the harsh sun the whole day. good thing mr. golden sun decided to rest kahit for a bit lang.:)

forgot what he was saying here. something about up to where the windows should be? hehe!:)

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