Saturday, March 17, 2012

project dreamhouse week 4

a month has passed since we started our dreamhouse and we're definitely getting more excited about it as we see the progress each week!:) although not so excited about the gastos...heehee! five to six months from now, we'll finally have the house that we've been dreaming of and praying for. big kisses to you BIG BOSS for making all these possible, all praise and glory to you!:) and a huge and heavy pat on the back and a big tight hug to my oh so hardworking mr. grumpy!:)

week 4 progress:

firewall. view from the neighboring lot.

mr. grumpy wanted to see the second floor kaya nagbuwis buhay talaga. heehee!:)

while the (not so)smart little missy was left behind. i was so smart i wore a dress. naiwan tuloy sa baba ;) by the way, i'm standing on mr. grumpy's future garage :)

our staircase :)

second floor: where our bedrooms and family room will be.:)

bedrooms :)

2nd week 4 visit :) they were working on the master's bedroom :)

front view of the house :)

the dreamy mr. grumpy :)

yes, no safety harnesses, no safety anything. they're even wearing slippers lang. ganun kahirap and kadelikado ang trabaho ng mga manong.
hello future bedroom!:)

the orange thingies are for the electrical wires daw ;)

pang cirque de soleil ang balancing act nina manong!;)

overlooking our future living room

wanted: neighbors!:)
seriously! neighbors???:)
sitaw c/o the workers. good to know that we have fertile soil kasi we're planning to plant okra, malunggay, alugbati, kamote, talong, tanglad, papaya, bayabas, pomelo, herbs and a lot more!:) angkinin ko na kaya mga empty lots meantime? heehee!:)

the happy camper who finally wore pants!:D

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