Sunday, March 25, 2012

project dream house week 5

here i am thinking that we don't have to think about tiles and paint color yet pero sa bilis ng progress, i was absolutely wrong. lester and i decided that we should utilize every chance we have and start checking out floor tiles, hardwood/engineered wood, bathroom tiles, countertop,  etc. we both might be very busy towards the end of the construction phase and we don't want to panic and settle for whatever's easily available. as much as possible, we'd like to explore all our options and find materials that are of good quality but not as expensive. we, of course, would like our dream house to really be dreamy. after all, we will probably live there for the rest of our lives but we also don't want to splurge and spend our entire life savings on the house.;)

i'm flooding my post with images of the week 5 progress:

1st visit during week 5. nothing much has changed yet. except that the master's bedroom is now fully visible ;)

the staircase

mr. grumpy wanted to to make sure that there'll be enough space in the bedroom even with a king-sized bed (wishful thinking sa king size. haha!)

 seriously amazed by how fast the weekly progress is :)

second visit  during week 5. march 22 (had to take note of the date). "buhos day"! woke up very early because i wanted to witness the "padugo" but mr. grumpy woke up late so when we got to the site, kaldereta na si sacrificial kambing...:(

that tube thing will pour concrete on the second floor

 uno would've been amazed by these bad boys. but we didn't bring him to the site. but at least he got to see the videos :)

the floor's all set for concrete "buhos day"

kelangan daw basa yung wood so the concrete will be spread out evenly


 got to love pinoys! kahit ang hirap ng trabaho, we still find joy in everything!:)

 they make it seem easy ;)

 good job manongs! you deserve a large bowl of kaldereta!:D

 bedroom 1 floor smoothened out 

everything is done manually. i'm absolutely clueless but i'm in awe.

stairs smoothened out

sipag ni manong! 2 large bowls of kaldereta for him!


the almost-finished-product ;)

now behind the scenes...:)

the sacrificial mr. kambing. soooo sorry! at least you had loads of fresh grass for your last meal :(

 failed to witness and document the padugo part 3. ito na lang naabutan namin. preps for kaldereta na lang. camera shy sina manong :)

while some of the workers were cooking kaldereta and papaitan, these two were preparing for the "buhos". galing lang. pinoys are really resourceful :)

 they made this...:)

 the other side of the construction site :)

mr. grumpy trying to get "kaldereta tips" from engr. fred :D

the cutest electric shuttle ever!:) we don't have tricy inside the subd but we have these babies. very eco-friendly! and the fare's cheap too! only 5php to/from the gate to/from whichever area in the subd. beats the 17php tricy fare i'm currently paying. haha!:)

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