Saturday, March 31, 2012

project dream house week 6 :)

i now seriously think that i am half mad because i'm pushing myself to do both my grad collection and our project dream house at the same time. but then again, i've been yearning for a hectic schedule since i left EK about three years ago. my brain has been idle for too long that it's probably having spasms whenever i try to push it hard, hence the headaches.:) so in between mothering (two boys;)) and researching for my grad collection, i'm spending most of my time looking up home design ideas. well, i actually spend more time researching for home designs than doing my grad collection homework (darn!). i'm pretty sure that by May to July this year, i'll be a zombie (but a happy zombie).:)

tomorrow, mr. grumpy and i will be tile-hunting and fixtures-hunting again. we have to decide on which ones to go for soon. the job's pretty tedious but also very, very, VERY exciting (except for the gastos part...heehee!). :) 

the sixth week of our house construction has been running smoothly despite the heavy rains. summer = rain na daw kasi ang uso ngayon :(. we're just glad that it's not slowing the construction down, in fact they're ahead of schedule. yaaay!:) keeping our fingers tightly crossed that after the Holy week, the weather would be much agreeable (since i need some divisoria trip too! ATE, make your itlog powers work, please!:p).

week 6 progress:

week 6 progress: concrete slab and posts on the second floor

the workers started building the walls on all the bedrooms and bathrooms on the 2nd floor :)

our family room :)

master's bedroom

ayan, happy na ulet :)

when i saw this, i was singing in my head "what's gonna work? teeeaaaam work! we're not too big and we're not too tough but when we work together we've got the right stuff. gooooooo wonder pets!" heehee!:) galing ng team work ng mga kuya and manong!:)

watching the amazing balancing act ng manong. marvin, our contractor said that he provided the workers with harnesses but they refused to use them. nakakailang daw kasi. so he always monitors his workers whenever they pull a stunt like this.

day 2 of our week 6 visit (day 2 for me. mr. grumpy visits the site almost everyday). mr. grumpy was still worried that our pangarap king size bed (take note: PANGARAP) would not fit in the room. or if it does, baka alanganin sa space.

our future bedroom. can't wait!:)

bedroom A: we like our house to have lots of windows para maaliwalas. labanan ng windows ang nangyari.;) we really like it that way. plus, tipid pa sa electric bill. no need to switch the lights on during day time. siguro naman the fire dept won't have any issues with the house sa laki and sa dami ng windows.

staircase!:) glad to know that marvin took note of the "oro, plata, mata" concept. hehe!;)

after talking to our engr., we finally resolved the issue of the" pangarap king size bed not fitting in the master's bedroom" in the most cost-effective way.:) so kasya ang width...

and the length! yaaay!:) now it's a question na lang kung kasya ba si king size sa budget ;)

family room!:) bedroom A walls are up kaya it was much easier for me to appreciate the space.:)

mr. grumpy: i'll turn this into my office. para hindi uminit ulo ko sa 8-hour shift. daming green!:)

bedroom b: smaller than bedroom A but still has decent enough space :)

 healthy sitaw c/o the workers!:) tataba!

see you again next week future home :)

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