Sunday, February 26, 2012

project dreamhouse :)

February has been such a good month for mr. grumpy and I.:) We met on February 2005, got married on February 2009 and started building our dreamhouse on February 2012.:) We're really excited about this news that I couldn't contain it any longer!:)

I'm sharing some photos of what it looks like at the moment. Nothing interesting yet, puro debris pa lang kasi and bakal pa lang since we just started about a week ago.:)

Day 1: para daw iwas eye sore, we have to cover the construction site

All construction workers are required by the subdivision to wear the green shirt uniform. Daming requirements :)

Day 1: Padugo :). According to Filipino folklore, this is done before the start of construction to ward off bad spirits on the site. It's done for the safety of the workers.

Padugo around the perimeter

from sacrificial chickens to that day's lunch. soooo sorry chickens!:(

my happy mr. grumpy :)

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