Saturday, July 30, 2011

finding my niche

I've been a "full time mom" since I was about 6 weeks pregnant and our Uno is now 20 months old. :) I'm loving every moment spent with the funniest (yet feisty) little man in the whole world. Although I've had those moments when I've grown restless and I thirst for the busy/hectic life again. I think I've tried just about any home-based jobs I could find online just to keep myself busy and have outplayed my friends in cafe world (haha!).

Until recently, I realized that I want to learn how to sew. After much
Googling, I found Fashion Institute of the Philippines and wa
s very happy that they have a branch in Panay, Ave. in QC. Thanks to a very supportive husband, I enrolled myself in three courses (Basic fashion design, fashion merchandising and basic pattern making) plus basic sewing and has been a very happy student of FIP since July this year. :)

I was so intimidated at first since my sketches are hopeless.:) But in the Basic Fashion Design class, they really teach you techniques that could help you improve your sketches especially to those who are stuck with a 3-year old-like doodles (like meee!).:)

The basic pattern class is also amazing! I can't wait till my first day in basic sewing to finally materialize the patterns we did. The pattern making methods that Ms. Mo is teaching are very easy to follow. I can't wait till we start on bodice!:) Oh, did I mention that we get to chika and eat while making patterns?:) Just make sure that you won't get your patters wet or else you'd have to do it over again. :)

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  1. yey! may blog ka na!!! pero ayusin ang pix!!! it matters!!! hehehhe