Sunday, April 22, 2012

project dream house week 8 :)

two months into the project and the house (i think) is already halfway done!:) mr. grumpy and i are in a panic mode because we still need to tick off a lot of things on our very long list! it still feels surreal that we're actually building our dream house kaya siguro we're putting off major errands pa.:) there are a lot of things that we still need to do (like deciding on paint color, tiles, type of engineered wood, etc., etc.).  hope all of it gets done before the peak of my stress drilon days for the grad show.;)

week 8 progress:

no notable changes on the exterior yet.:)

putting up walls on the ground floor :)

dining area

kitchen and dining area :)

the workers have smoothened the walls on the 2nd floor

second day week 8 visit: the walls on the ground floor have been smoothened out 

dining area!:) oh dear wall!

ateeeh tohtoh's room

my future studio. yaaaay!;)

living room :)

mr. grumpy's ginormous garage :)

space for our dirty kitchen :)

they've started on the roof beams. yaaay!:)

one of the reasons why there's no room for gigantic bushes in the subdivision. the grasses get a regular trim.:)

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