Sunday, April 15, 2012

project dream house week 7 :)

in observance of the Holy week, the workers had an early break last week so i'm merging last week's photos with this week's update.:) our dream house looks like a house now (less the roof), which makes us really giddy with excitement.:) i could definitely smell august in the air! teehee!;)

week 7 progress:

walls on the second floor are all up. the workers have started putting up frames for the roof beams and are back to working on the ground floor (i'm seriously unsure of my terminologies..heehee!)

the debris on the ground floor has been cleared. now it's much easier to appreciate the space.:) i'm having a lot of "dear wall, what do i do with you?" moments.;)

the workers installing tubes for the wires on the ground floor.

discussions...endless discussions!:) mr. grumpy just wants to make sure that each space is just the way he wants it.

second floor walls are all up. masters bedroom's walk-in closet and bathroom and the mezzanine (thank you jinggay for the term..heehee! i honestly thought it was only used in buildings..haha!).

next step: roof beams!:)

requested to have the staircase window size adjusted. the bigger the better!:) and again, what to do with you, dear walls?:)

the engineers behind the project :)

engr. fred vogue-ing. heehee!;)

front view of the house

front view

uno's future playground. another "what to do with you?" moment for me!:)

7th week inspection done. mr. grumpy strutting his stuff. haha!

and of course, my weekly update is never complete without my sitaw update! the sitaw's fine. na-harvest na sya and nakain na. and it continuously grows...

 ...fatter and fatter! oh shit! i seriously need to go on a diet again! stat! :D

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